Placentia, California Workers Compensation Insurance

Placentia, California Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation coverage is no longer just a coverage to be added to your list of policies. With the loose laws that prevent a carrier from settling and mitigating claims early on, there is a windfall of benefits to employees for injured employers and some that are not so injured. ISU works with carriers and underwriters that have some proven strategies that will help reduce existing claims by helping you find ways to prevent and decrease the potential for future claims.  

Let us demonstrate your potential for savings and reduce your bottom line costs by keeping your Experience Modification and ultimately your workers compensation rates down.

Professional Worker’s Compensation Advisor Agent- This designation identifies this agency as trained with superior knowledge advising on Worker’s Compensation coverage.  Let us help you resolve those nasty claims or negotiate with the Worker’s Compensation Rating Inspection Bureau on that miscalculated Experience Modification. Did you know almost 30% of all experience modifications are calculated incorrectly? Did you know 43% of all California work comp audits are completed incorrectly? Many times the auditor fails to recognize pre-tax contributions by the employee, thus reducing their overall wages. What about bonuses and overtime? How were those calculated on your audit?

Let us help you fight your appeal with the WCRIB to correct your Experience Modification or double check your final audit for your workers compensation to make sure you are not over paying.

Contact one of our ISU Staff to help you resolve disputes and claim return premiums.