Union Contractor Exclusive ADR

Contact: Greg Locy glocy@isuirvine.com 949-419-2150

To be a member of an ADR program; Must be a member of the union and can sign up by contacting Chris Reinhardt (909) 234-7290.

ADR Workers’ Compensation Program eliminates delays… eliminates complications and leads to resolutions. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) expedites the resolution of disputed claims by replacing the jurisdiction of the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board with a highly streamlined process.  With ADR, all disputed claims are subject to a 3-step process:

  1. Ombudsman- Claim is controlled so no outside legal entities can disrupt the claims process.
  2. Mediation- Decisions are made timely, so delays in the claim process are not warranted
  3. Arbitration- finality to the outcome of the claim

Collectively Bargained Workers’ Compensation (CBWC) delivers significant benefits to all parties involved.

Benefits to the Employer

  • Reduce Workers’ Compensation premiumsGroup and ADR premium credits
  • Control and reduce claims costs through proven means
  • Prevent or mitigate expensive and time consuming litigation
  • Helps lower experience modification factors
  • Specialized safety programs

For accounts with annual premiums above $250,000 – stand-alone carrier agreements are negotiable. Current participating carriers are AIG/ Chartis, Alaska National, Chubb and Old Republic and others. Zurich American and State

Union ADR program contacts
Pipe Fitters union-Chris Reinhardt 909-234-7290 www.pipeadr.com
Laborers Union- Chris Reinhardt 909-234-7290 www.LaborersADRpro.com
Insurance Broker – Greg Locy 714-349-1807 www.Isuirvine.com