Injury Illness and Prevention Program

Human Resource- Employment Law

Human Resources is an integral component of all businesses, yet many employers do not always see the value or benefit of having a full time staff member. With the annual increase in state and federal laws imposed upon the employer, it is even more important to be vigilant at having a knowledgeable, well informed contact that knows current and changing state and federal laws. ISU Irvine, has HR platforms and HR consultants that can help you and your organization develop a customized employee handbook, provide management training and to effectively handle employment issues; terminations, hiring, benefit tracking and payroll concerns at a reasonable expense. Contact our staff to discuss strategies that we may help with your immediate and long term HR concerns.


Injury Illness Prevention Program consultant- Safety is a primary concern from most employers and if it is not, it is only a matter of time before your business experiences employee claims from poor safety concerns. Your worker’s compensation rates and Experience Modification will increase driving your premiums up and your profits down. Understand it is law that you must have an active working Injury Illness Prevention program. If OSHA walks in your door, the first item they will ask for is you’re IIPP Program and your OSHA 300 logs.

ISU Insurance Services of Irvine has years of experience in providing up to date, customized IIPP programs tailored to your industry. Ask our professional staff to help you achieve proper safety Program by contacting us today.


OSHA- Department of Labor- IRS Compliance

Worried about large penalties or fines for being out of compliance with OSHA, Department of Labor Audit, IRS or other governmental regulatory authority? OSHA does not discriminate as to the size of business and minimum fine for one minor violation is $250, however a major violation could cost as much as $18,000 or worse a shutdown of your operations. Typical OSHA audits will find multiple violations resulting in fines exceeding $50,000 to $100,000. Also, know that California has three times as many regulations imposed upon employers than the Federal OSHA guidelines.

Let ISU staff consultant’s help you identify these areas of concern and help you a safety risk assessment and develop an ongoing program that is sound and cost effective.